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The Benefits of Sod: Why Choose Sod for Your Lawn

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The front and back yards of your home make up large parts of your house’s curb appeal and contribute to the overall feeling of your home. Take a residential complex, for example: with its perfectly mowed lawns,one feels a sense of safety, charm, and, most of all, sees someone who takes pride in their living space. If you want to earn this high-profile look with your lawn, a great way to achieve it is with a sod installation. But with so many choices on the market, why should you choose sod instead of a differentproduct? Below we’ll outline the many benefits of choosing sod for your lawn.

What Is Sod?

Sod, also known as turf, is the upper part of the soil where the grass grows. The grass itself is held down by a small portion of the soil underneath. This keeps the root system intact until it’s ready for application. Depending on where you live, sod is generally sold in the following varieties:

Slabs – Sod slabs come in a wide range of sizes, but no matter what you pick, they’ll always be in the shape of a square.

Rolls – Rolls of sod come in two sizes, large or mini rolls. They can be installed by hand and, depending on the size can cover up to 315 square feet.

Why Choose Sod?

One of the advantages of sod over other lawn care products is its cleanliness. Say goodbye to muddy footprints and sidewalks covered in dirt granules. Sod is also very soft, making it perfect for pets and children to run around and play on. If you’re an adult or college student, sod makes an excellent surface for studying, reading, relaxing, or setting up a few chairs on for visiting friends and family. Other benefits include:

  • Water Protection — With sod, your lawn can provide high plant density that can help reduce stormwater runoff. Your sod will absorb the rainfall and help replentish groundwater.
  • Cooling – With your house surrounded by sod, your home can experience a temperature reduction of up to 20 degrees. If just eight homes had their front lawns covered in sod, the effect would equal about 70 tons of air conditioning. 
  • Soil Protection – A lawn with sod protects soil from harmful erosion. This is mainly due to the sod’s grassroots, which protect your soil better than most man-made materials.

With so many benefits to your lawn, sod is a perfect choice for those who want to make their yards look impeccable while also benefiting their home. If you’re considering sod as a solution for your lawn but don’t know where to start, contact Hearn Landscape today for professional installation. Our team has superior communication skills, integrity, and a drive to provide the best care possible to all our clients. To learn more about what we offer, visit our website or call (404) 550-8360 today for more information!

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